Bulk Marijuana Seeds, the revolution of seeds

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You may never have considered buying seeds in bulk, but why not? Now you will see that one of its many advantages is its magnificent price.

Who hasn’t found themselves when they go to buy cannabis seeds that charge a fortune for a couple of seeds? The production of these seeds is not so expensive and the best way to acquire them is as bulk seeds.

This form of presentation of the seeds does not need packaging because:

  • The consumer is the one who decides which and how much they want to buy.
  • You do not need advertising because they are varieties that you know are productive and the best advertising is their price.
  • It does not need many intermediaries, so costs are reduced in such a way that the producer can sell many more seeds at a lower price and still make his crops profitable.

The price of cannabis seeds

green cannabis seeds

You may never have considered buying seeds in bulk, but why not? Now you will see that one of its many advantages is its magnificent price.

When we go to a specialist to buy a specific seed, prices vary between 1 and 12 dollars depending on the variety, the desired characteristics and what we want to achieve with it.

This hobby can be a bit expensive and therefore the need to find cheaper seeds arises. 

Specifically, the trend of buying this product in bulk began during the last crisis, when fans of marijuana cultivation could not afford the expense of buying these precious seeds individually.

Given the possibility of losing these consumers of seeds, a new, much cheaper market proposal emerged that quickly took root among lovers of these plants.A single cannabis plant can produce around 400 seeds so that in very little land we can obtain thousands of them.

So it is not understandable that high value that was paid for something as small as a seed.

Buying feminized seeds in bulk is also a great money saver, because with these seeds you ensure that one hundred percent of the plants you obtain will be female plants.

Therefore, you invest all the resources in those that are going to give you a good production without having to worry about the male plants.

There is a popular belief that products that are sold in bulk do not have the same quality, but they could not be more wrong.

Bulk feminized seeds have the same quality as you can buy individually, as long as you buy them from a professional.

Opting for seeds in bulk ensures you a strong, resistant seedling production with a good harvest. And it is that the production of these marijuana seeds takes many control cycles to ensure that they are stable and that germination is almost total.

Why choose feminized seeds in bulk?

In the market there are bulk seeds of different types, at Diosa Planta we only sell feminized and tested bulk seeds by ourselves and by our best customers.

It is therefore a product of total confidence and all our clients assure us harvest after harvest.

The feminized seeds by the modern method do not produce hermaphrodite plants, since they are made with the Silver Thiosulfate technique that guarantees a 99% femininity.

Buy cannabis seeds in bulk if you are a novice

The people who are getting started in the cultivation of cannabis are less practical and buy seeds in bulk can provide higher returns, both resources of time and money.

Bulk seeds will be cheaper than buying them one by one, so you will take care of your pocket.

By buying more seeds you will have guaranteed germination, so you will avoid the frustration of the first moment and caring for a single plant will take the same time as caring for ten.

Beginners make mistakes and having extra seeds will allow you to start over if necessary.

What bulk feminized seeds should you buy if you are starting?

Above all, think about whether you are going to plant your seeds indoors or outdoors because in the market you will find seeds better adapted to one environment or another. Think about what you want to grow in your crop, the height of the plant, the size it presents, the time it takes to flower or when is the optimal growing period.

Regarding its production, you must be clear about the life cycle of the plant and the type of buds you want to achieve, the yield per square meter and the aroma and flavor of the buds and the effects you want.

It is important, therefore, to know the genetics of the plant, indica or sativa, since many of the aforementioned parameters will depend on the choice of one or the other.

Once you are clear about the characteristics of the plants you want to grow, you will be able to choose from many different varieties of bulk seeds on the market that will make you enjoy this hobby, learn about this plant throughout the process and delight in the result.

You will see how little by little you will be testing with seeds of other varieties of marijuana in bulk thanks to its unbeatable price and the great quality of the product that is currently offered, thinking only of the end users of these seeds.

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