How medical marijuana works

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Fortunately, more and more studies are focusing on the benefits of marijuana in the therapeutic field. Such is the interest that researchers claim that medical marijuana has benefits at the treatment level and even cures some diseases.

It is increasingly common to read or listen to people who talk about the benefits of CBD oil or CBD cream. Plants belonging to Cannabis Sativa are the only ones capable of producing cannabinoids such as THC, CBD and CBN. Among its benefits, they highlight that they have great antitumor, antiemetic and antispasmodic activity. Therefore, more and more patients benefit from medicinal cannabis.

Components of medicinal cannabis

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Research has concluded that cannabis produces substances very similar to those naturally produced by human organisms. This substance is what is known as cannabinoids. Although they are produced in different strengths and concentrations, the best known are Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). From the therapeutic side, THC encounters difficulties when it comes to penetrating our body. Therefore, it looks for places in our body with high degrees of fat to be able to free itself. This is what makes it stay in the tissues for a longer time.

This also makes THC a molecule with almost no addictive capacity. In the strictly medical sense, the most correct way is NOT inhalation of cannabis smoke, although it does have effectiveness. Clinical studies ensure that CBD has no adverse effects, toxicity, or psychotropic activity among patients. What has been proven is that it has anti-tumor, anti-epileptic, antiemetic and anti-inflammatory activity. This is why it is possible to find CBD oils to treat some of these ailments. One of the main functions of CBD cream is to fight inflammation and chronic muscle pain.

Why marijuana has a medicinal effect

It is important to understand that these compounds can be selectively absorbed by our organisms. We have receptors in the cells that are responsible for receiving these substances, in the same way that they absorb other medications, producing a pharmacological effect.

Our body produces cannabinoids, and the most important are those found in the brain. Marijuana plants have a considerable amount of cannabinoids and provide us with a whole arsenal of these compounds. These are the ones with therapeutic potential. So in terms of nature, there is no alternative with so many cannabinoids.

From an evolutionary point of view, it is a well-preserved system. Therefore, it is considered to have strong evidence of action.

How Cannabinoids Are Supplied

It is important to know that both CBD and THC do not produce toxicity and that it is practically impossible to die from overdose of this substance, contrary to what happens with other medications.

A medication is considered to be a success when it has more benefits than contraindications. In this sense, CBD does a wonderful job since it has the ability to attenuate, and even cancel, the effects produced by THC.

THC has a direct effect on the processes of storing, processing and remembering things. Therefore, there are many cases in which it is treated: post-traumatic stress, rapes, wars…

Fortunately, pharmacology has managed to make many prejudices be forgotten on this matter. Although marijuana has always had a very bad reputation, the truth is that it is a plant that has the ability to heal, cure and alleviate.

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