Medical benefits of marijuana

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Marijuana recently, after decades of being demonized and criminalized, seems to be taking up, within the pop imaginary, its ancestral character as a medicinal plant that can bring significant benefits to human health and combat various illnesses.

This new trend has occurred thanks to the fact that the use of this plant for medicinal purposes has become popularized and legalized in various states, as it is increasingly successful and approved by patients and physicians.

California is one of the states where medical marijuana is used the most, and the state’s economic and political relevance have brought the issue to the table not only at the national level, but also as an important antecedent for other nations. Recently, in a historic event, the state of Colorado voted in favor of the legal use, in recreational contexts, of this plant Below is a list of ten medicinal benefits of this plant, all backed by relevant studies, in order to promote this new view of marijuana, which allows us to understand it as it really is and not as state propaganda and the mainstream have told us. cultural that should be perceived. And I want to clarify that it is not about facilitating the construction of a shangri-la cannabinoid where we all run naked with large amounts of THC running through our bloodstream (which personally I think would overcome the current sociocultural model we live in), but simply deconstruct our conception before something that, prior to any cultural label, is an ancient plant with implicit virtues and whose potential danger, as it happens with any other tool available to the human being, depends only on the way in which it is used. 1) Fight migraines

Doctors in California have reported the successful treatment of 300,000 migraine cases with medical marijuana. This contribution is relevant if we take into account that 25% of women and 8% of men report this condition at least in one moment of their lives. 

Decreases the speed of tumor growth

The American Association for Cancer Research has confirmed that marijuana significantly slows the growth rate of tumors in the lungs, breasts, and brain. 

Relieves symptoms of chronic diseases

Various studies reveal that marijuana helps to tone the symptoms of chronic ailments such as Bowel and Crohn’s disease, since it relieves diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pain typical of these diseases.

Helps prevent Alzheimer’s

A report from the Scripps Institute found that THC, the main active substance in this plant, helps to block deposits in the human brain where this disease originates. It is estimated that in the United States alone there are 5.3 million people with Alzheimer’s. 

Fight Glaucoma

Studies reveal that marijuana lowers intraocular pressure which favors the treatment of glaucoma. 

Prevents seizures

The relaxing effects of this plant at the muscular level and its antipasmodic effects, reduce the chances of having seizures. 

It helps the treatment of disorders and attention deficit

Unlike traditional drugs such as ritalin, whose use has multiple side effects, marijuana has proven to be effective in treating these types of cases without the collateral costs of industrial medicines. 

It can help the treatment of multiple sclerosis

Marijuana helps to stop some of the neurological effects and muscle spasms produced by this disease since it protects the nerves. 

Decrease discomfort of the pre menstrual syndrome

This plant has proven to be highly effective in reducing physical pain and discomfort caused by pre-menstrual syndrome among the female population. 

Help in the combat of compulsive obsessive disorders

As a muscle relaxant and tranquilizer, marijuana significantly nuances the anxiety that originates and at the same time results from obsessive behavior and compulsive tendencies. 

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