Features and effects of OG kush

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The extraordinariness in the ordinary: this is how one could answer if someone asked to define OG Kush in a few words, an exceptional variety that can boast an unmistakable taste in a very particular blend, about whose genetics there are still doubts and mysteries.

It is certainly not wrong to say that OG Kush is a particularly popular variety and that it can fully fall into the list of “ageless” varieties. But what are its characteristics?

Let’s try to find out together!

OG Kush, origins of the name and characteristics

To confirm the mystery that revolves around this variety, we can undoubtedly begin with the origins of its name. For many the acronym OG Kush would refer to ” Original Gangster “, while for others – as a typical variety of the oceanic area – ” Ocean Grown “.

Beyond the correct attribution, one thing is certain: in the face of the triumph of taste and good smell that  kush weed  manages to give to its consumers, no one will remain impassive in front of this product increasingly sold.

In fact, following the entry into force of the well-known law n.242 of 2016, then made effective on 14 January 2017, OG Kush has undergone a huge surge in sales in its legal version, which you can also find on our e-commerce. One more reason to try it!

But why are OG Kush seeds so popular?

Undoubtedly, the reason is to be found in the fact that those who consume them are looking for a unique taste, at times strong and particularly persistent, but still graceful by citrus notes that make it perfectly identifiable and recognizable, and that remain for a long time to cheer the palate.

The  kush ( marijuana  always legal if it meets the parameters established by that legislation), among other varieties, is one of those that gets more hits and, for this reason, we will devote a special overview of the properties and effects of  kush marijuana  and we will see what are the reasons that have made it so desired and appreciated.

OG Kush: the properties of one of the strains most loved by consumers

Returning to us, we note how OG Kush  is a type of cannabis considered by its consumers as one of the strongest on the market, always in reference to the  completely legal kush weed  and, therefore, can be purchased in special shops, including even online ones like ours.

Mostly indica, but with effects that recall those determined by  hemp sativa, to obtain  OG Kush seeds generally takes more or less two months, with full flowering occurring in eight weeks, under normal conditions.

Precisely in this period the plant tends to reach fairly important heights, ranging from 90 centimeters to a maximum of 1.60 meters, characterized by large cluster-shaped fruits, with a peculiar green color reminiscent of that of an unripe lemon. Another fundamental characteristic is the abundant presence of resin, an absolute joy for its traditional admirers.

OG Kush: the powerful effect, synonymous with quality

Saying “bomb variety” in reference to OG Kush is certainly not wrong, considering that this variety is a real explosion of taste, aromas, effects.

The  kush weed  (also called  marijuana kush, super OG KUSH, kush marijuana ), as well as for its characteristic taste is also greatly appreciated for the powerful effects it can have on the body: after all, just think that if cannabidiol (indicated generally with the abbreviation  CBD ) is contained in an amount equal to 17%, on the other hand, however, the psychoactive substance of  delta 9 – tetrahydrocannabinol  is present in an amount of just under 0.3%.

From these numbers alone it is easy to deduce that, therefore,  OG Kush  is preferred by those who smoke cannabis to feel the effects on their body and mind, as – despite being a mostly indica strain – it is capable of giving a feeling of euphoria and also an inexhaustible energy to the organism.

There are also those who claim that it can determine narcosis and, beyond the reasons why consumers tend to prefer OG Kush,  they all agree that it is an exceptional and very powerful strain. And this power that is recognized in  kush weed  is perfectly in line and adherent to the strength of its flavor and smell.

Another feature for which  OG Kush is considered one of the top of the range strains is the fact that its effects are prolonged over time and certainly do not wear off in a few moments! Smoking  marijuana kush  means immersing yourself in an ever new experience capable of involving all five senses and freeing the mind from the chains of excess of rationality. L ‘ OG Kush  can give lasting emotions that do not dissolve so easily and, simultaneously, to the involvement of the brain’s point of view, this variety is capable of giving an extraordinary feeling of total relaxation. And in fact, there are many consumers who resort to the use of  OG Kush seeds to counteract fatigue and stress, due to a life that is often too hectic.

And who is it that doesn’t need to relax? Alone or in company, OG Kush  becomes ideal for enjoying a range of benefits that contribute to feeling better. Let’s see what they are!

OG Kush: what are the benefits?

As we have already mentioned, those who choose  kusk weed  know they can count on immediate relaxing effects. Not only that, like all cannabis varieties in general, OG Kush  is also often used to combat sleep disorders, as a powerful natural pain reliever and also to treat eating disorders (such as lack of appetite). Even anxiety and panic will not find space if you smoke this Kush variety,  and you will feel pervaded by a generalized feeling of relaxation!

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