Marijuana Butter: Everything You Need to Know

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Marijuana butter is one of the foundations of cannabis cuisine, and you undoubtedly need to learn how to do it now!

In fact, it is the basics of marijuana recipes and you can enjoy countless dishes.

In fact, marijuana butter is easy to make, with no secret to work and is used in both savory and sweet dishes.

However, the first step for the whole process to succeed is the decarboxylation of marijuana , which will serve to maintain the psychoactive properties of cannabis when ingested as a food.

Step by Step for Marijuana Decarboxylation

  • Let the oven preheat at 110ºC while you line a baking sheet with parchment paper;
  • When placing the herb in the form, it is important that you leave the pieces of marijuana close, filling the tray in a way that does not become too much or too little;
  • After placing the mold in the preheated oven, leave it for 20 minutes inside, but always paying attention to the color that the pot will gain. If it is already light brown, remove;
  • While you let the pan cool, already heat the oven again at 115ºC;
  • Spread the pot again and this time cover the pan with aluminum foil;
  • In order to increase the THC of the herb, let it bake for 45 to 60 minutes, but if the intention is to increase the CBD, bake for 60 to 90 minutes;
  • When the time is up, let the pan cool still covered by aluminum outside the oven;
  • Now you can remove the aluminum foil and find a brownish bran, which must be stored in an airtight jar.

In fact, always remember to break the pieces of marijuana when possible, making them smaller and smaller while carboxylation occurs.

Ready! You will have your decarboxylated marijuana on hand and can finally make your marijuana butter!

How to Make Marijuana Butter Step by Step

We will present here the traditional way to make a marijuana butter, being the easiest to try at home and having 1001 uses!

So pay attention to the ingredients!

Ingredients for Marijuana Butter

  • Dichaved and decarboxylated marijuana ;
  • Normal butter.
  • Hands Up the Work to Make Marijuana Butter
  • Initially, it is necessary to melt the normal butter over low heat. However, be careful that the butter does not burn, use water if necessary to prevent it from happening;
  • While the normal butter is melting, add your marijuana and start stirring the mixture;
  • This process can even take up to 1 hour, so be patient! You will notice that the mixture will be ready when bubbles start to appear in the cooking;
  • Caution! If the mixture boils, the THC will be lost, so always cook over low heat during all the processes;
  • Now, when you notice that the marijuana butter has made some bubbles, put out the fire and let it rest;
  • It’s time to strain! You should already be used to this process, being that it needs to be delicate and firm at the same time, removing all the remains of the butter;
  • Finally, just put the marijuana butter in some container and take it to the refrigerator, letting it harden and look really like a butter bought in the market, but only in appearance!

Marijuana Butter Care

Certainly, the ideal dosage is relative in each organism, therefore we recommend that it be tried before consumption.

For example, you can use marijuana butter to eat a piece of bread, always paying attention to the effects and how long it takes for the breeze to hit. From then on you will be able to get an idea of ​​the ideal dose for you.

Even more importantly, don’t overdo it! Just like a joint consumed too much, marijuana butter can also give you a bad trip if consumed too much.

Tip: In the case of butter for medical use, use 57g of marijuana per 454 grams of butter.

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