New varieties of Marijuana to grow in 2020

New cannabis strain

If you are thinking about what marijuana seed to plant in 2020 and you are already bored of the typical varieties of all years, in this post we bring you the new marijuana seeds to plant in this 2020.

In this selection we have searched for the best autoflowering and feminized marijuana seeds from renowned banks. We have selected 3 varieties of feminized marijuana and 3 automatic varieties so you can choose the one you like best.

New varieties of feminized marijuana 2020

Sweet Zkittlez by Sweet Seeds

Sweet Zkittlez weed strain

Marijuana seeds Sweet Zkittlez of Sweet Seeds belong to an American famous genetics comes from the crossing of a clone Zkittlez and other Grape Ape.

This indica-dominant marijuana strain produces robust plants with a large number of resinous buds.

If you grow this seed indoors, you will get a one meter tall plant that at first may grow a little slowly, but at the beginning of flowering your plant will grow and quickly fill with buds. In just 56 or 63 days you can harvest between 450 and 600 grams dry per square meter.

If you grow Sweet Zkittlez outdoors you will see that it is a rather gluttonous plant but easy to grow. The best thing is that you use organic fertilizers and see how your plant grows up to 2 meters high. The time to harvest it will be in late September or early October, at which time you can collect between 400 and 700 grams per plant.

The flavor and aroma of this incredible American variety have a sweet touch that will remind you of fruit candies with citrus and woody notes. This flavor is combined with a relaxing effect but without leaving you completely ko, since it will leave your brain stimulated making you be much more imaginative and happy.

Txerri Bilbo Haze from Genehtik

Marijuana seeds txerri Haze Bilbo  of Genehtik are a variety of sativa dominance ideal place for lovers of the Haze. To obtain this seed, two high-quality parents have been crossed, one Strawberry Cough and one Super Silver Haze.

These plants reach a medium-high height and have the typical sativa shape. This variety is quite resistant and offers resinous buds both in its central tail and in the lateral branches.

If we plant it indoors it is best to put it 12 hours so that it reaches a good height but without being too much. You can have this rich sativa in only 65 or 68 days of flowering, after which you can get about 600 grams per square meter.

If we choose an outdoor crop, we can harvest up to 2 kilos of dried bud per plant. The time to harvest Txerri Bilbo Haze will be in early October.

Its flavor will remind you of its parental Haze, with metallic and incense tones. With a very psychoactive effect, this variety will make you feel more cheerful and creative. If you are planning to party or spend a day in nature you cannot forget your Txerri Bilbo Haze from Genehtik.

OMG from Ripper Seeds

Ripper Seeds presents its new 2020 marijuana strain, OMG seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid comes from the crossing of a Chem Cookies with a Kush Mints.

This indica-dominant hybrid (60%) produces compact, resinous buds that turn purple when flowering is complete.

If you do an indoor crop you will have your harvest ready after 65-70 days of flowering. If you opt for an outdoor crop you will have your plants ready in mid-October.

A very remarkable characteristic of this variety is its psychoactive power and its gasoline aroma, which will remind you of when you are refueling the car. When smoking this herb you will notice a quite pleasant brain stimulation that is combined with deep relaxation.

Sweet Amnesia Haze XL Auto by Sweet Seeds

Sweet Amnesia Haze XL Auto is a 4th generation autoflowering marijuana strain. To achieve this incredible genetics, an Amnesia Haze “Cordobesa” clone and SAD Sweet Afghani Delicious Auto have been used.

If you grow Sweet Amnesia Haze XL Auto indoors, keep in mind that it is a very sweet variety, so you must have an intense diet and be organic. With Sweet Amnesia Haze XL Auto you can harvest at least about 400 grams dry per square meter, but if you are an experienced grower you can reach 600 grams per square meter. This autoflowering variety will be ready only 8 or 9 weeks.

If you grow it outdoors, it is best to use an airy substrate mixture with plenty of coconut fiber. In this way your plants will end up exceeding 1.20m in height, so you will have to tutor their structure to avoid breakage. If you feed it well you can harvest between 50 and 150 grams per plant, although it can reach 200 grams if the conditions are optimal.

This herb has an aroma of incense and lemon that are combined with sweet and musky touches. From the first puff you will notice a quite energetic effect, so it is not recommended that you smoke it when going to bed.

Gorilla Girl XL Auto by Sweet Seeds

Gorilla Girl XL Auto is another of Sweet Seeds’ new autoflowering marijuana strains. This 6th generation tall car stands out for its speed and production as well as its powerful effect.

If you want to harvest a good amount of resinous buds in a short time, the Gorilla Girl XL Auto is perfect for you, since growing indoors you can harvest, in just one square meter, up to 450 grams of dried bud. The time it takes to be ready to harvest this variety is about 60 or 65 days from when the seed germinates.

If we choose an outdoor crop, we can harvest up to 150 grams per plant. As in the interior, the time to wait until harvesting is about 9 weeks from germination.

Its sweet and fruity flavor is combined with a quite psychoactive effect that will leave you in the air, so if you are not used to smoking it is better not to start with this variety, your psychoactivity will leave you impressed!

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