How to dry cannabis?

cannabis stalks drying down

We are going to explain the drying process of the cannabis buds. Performing a correct drying is essential to complete well all the effort that you have dedicated to your cultivation for months. If you do not do it correctly, you risk that your harvest is filled with mold or insects that will alter the flavor or, in the worst case, that you have to throw away the entire production.

Before you even think about drying, you will have to have manicured correctly. If you are a cultivator apprentice, we will briefly explain what manicure consists of to remember concepts. 

Cannabis must be manicured before drying

Manicuring the marijuana harvest consists of cleaning the buds of leaves and branches so that they are as clean as possible. The more free of plant matter the bud is, the more aeration it will have and the better it will dry. We recommend doing two manicures when the plant is freshly cut and fresh. This will make handling easier and you will get a better final appearance.

During the manicure you can classify the material into 3 categories:

  • reject material: leaves with petioles, stems and branches without resin
  • material for extractions: small immature flowers and bud leaves full of resin
  • material for direct consumption: ripe flowers clean of leaves

Ways to dry medical marijuana buds

Now that you have the cannabis buds clean, you can start the drying process. To dry well you need a dark and ventilated room intended only for this purpose. There is no need for a large air current, you just have to watch that the air does not stagnate.

You can use different drying methods:

  • You can use a folding clothesline or clotheslines with roll-up ropes Just clamp the end of each branch to the clothesline with a clamp.
  • The mesh drying These tights are ideal when you have little space. They are made with a very fine fabric that allows perfect aeration of all the content, although it is recommended to turn the buds every day for even more drying. You can put aluminum foil or plastic on the bottom floor to collect the resin.
  • You can also use homemade methods to dry with new wooden boxes with the floor open, such as fruit ones, or mount your own dryer with a wooden frame and mosquito netting.

Ideal temperature and humidity for drying

To get an excellent taste and aroma of your cannabis, the drying process must be slow and in the dark. The ideal temperature would be between 18 and 24 C and humidity between 45 and 55%. These parameters are very important because if the temperature is below 18 C, the relative humidity will increase and the threat of mold increases. If the temperature is above 24 C, the buds will dry too quickly and become brittle.

It is very interesting to have hygrometers and thermometers that will accurately indicate the maximum and minimum to ensure that these levels are kept in the ideal range. You can use exhaust fans, fans, heating, and air conditioners to control heat and humidity. It is very important that the air flow does not directly affect the material you are drying, since it will prevent uniform drying. How can we know that the buds are ready to heal?

The time it will take to dry your CBD marijuana buds will depend on the temperature, humidity and density of the bud. It is recommended that this process takes about 3 weeks: you will have to adjust the ventilation and the temperature to achieve the parameters that we have mentioned before and prolong the drying for these three weeks. To know if they are ready to start the curing process, you can press them lightly after a few days of drying to check the humidity inside. You will notice it dry to the touch, without being brittle. It should also burn quite well for smoking.

If you don’t want to manipulate the buds to avoid damaging them, you can bend the stems: if they break instead of bending, it is time to cure.

The curing process is the one that has just dried the buds inside and prevents them from rusting during their conservation. During curing is when cannabinoids are modified and activated, that is why it is so important to do it with guarantees. There are many homemade methods to cure uniformly, but for a small harvest of self-cultivation we recommend the curing boxes made of cedar wood with which you can perfectly regulate the entire process.

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